Pairing ideas?

Ive got a male albino pewter (pastelxcinnamon) that i am looking to breed in the future. Id like to get a female banana, but want some other genetics in there that may be cool to pair with his. I am a new breeder looking to avoid genetic abnormalities. As much as i love the look of the supers, i dont want to risk kinks. Please let me know what would look good!

The male in question is in pics.
Albino pewter male x Banana ???


I always think Gargoyles look cool! (Cin/HRA) :smiley:


What a gorgeous paradox!

Keep in mind that black pastel and cinny (8 ball) can cause kinking as well since the genes are so similar.
As far as albino… I’ve personally noticed a number of albino Blue Eye Lucy complex animals having micropthalma (bead eye/small eyes). As long as there’s isn’t a super/allelic combo of BEL genes you’ll be fine. So something like Mojave cinny albino is fine.


Wow! Have to agree with @armiyana that paradoxing is so awesome! I wish paradox was a simple inherited trait! I really like @akmorphs by adding het red to get gargoyles, I have produced tons of gargoyle and red axanthic stuff and it doesn’t seem to produce kinks like black pastel could. Although you can get some minor duck billing, nothing that causes any issues in my experience. It’s already a pewter so things like yellow belly complex stuff will add a lot of interesting/busy pattern as well. And just something like Enchi would look nice in a banana cinnamon type morph as well, in my opinion. Also since you are a inspiring breeder and don’t want genetic abnormalities I suggest you check this list out, and keep for future reference. Good luck with breeding!
Morph Issues [Ball Pythons]


Personally I’d go with something like mojave or ghi to add to the banana, or fire/pinstripe. Hope you find a cool female, whatever genes you decide on!

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@banereptiles brings up a good point on Enchi. Enchi and cinnamon are allelic too… So you wouldn’t get a normal from offspring carrying enchi cinny.
The combo seems to really bring out some nice color.