Pairing Ideas

What would you pair with a female butter ghost bp? Not opposed to making bels but getting lost in the other combos and would like if any have thoughts on cool combos with these 2 base genes. So far Ive thought that leopard with black pastel might be a cool addition or maybe ghi and vanilla.


Welcome to the community! I think you are on the right track with leopard! Leopard and butter/lesser goes very well together, and if you added other things such as black pastel it would even enhance the ghost look. If you got another visual or het ghost to pair anyway. Good luck!


I’m partial to butter black pastel as I have a lesser black pastel myself. Hahah. Leopard or GHI will also be great. Vanilla or fire look neat with GHI and Ghost.

The important part is I would browse and look for something that you would want to make. If something catches your eye, see what you can do to work at it. The project is definitely more fun when it’s something that you want, not just outside opinions.

I would try to pick up another that is het or visual ghost tho just to keep that going as well.


Chocolate butter/lessers make some great combos. Throw ghi in there and you’ve got a great animal!