Pairing Options

Hey everyone I finally have a female Ive been waiting on up to breeding size. She is a super pastel spider pinstripe het clown. What do you all think about pairing her with a pastel DH Pied ghost and make some triple 66% hets (is there any market for triple 66% het pied clown ghosts?) if not I was thinking of pairing her with a clown banana.

The issue with possible triple hets is that it will not add any value to the animals you produce.

A triple recessive project is hard enough that it’s more than likely than no one will care about gambling and raising animals up and wasting 3 years and most likely more trying to prove them out.

You are better off getting the right animals and make 100% triple hets instead.


I say buy a visual male clown combo for her, something with blade. You could go ahead with the banana clown if you want though.

What all does blade do again? Just sharpen the pattern up?

Gotcha that’s what I needed to know! Thanks

Reduces the pattern as well as make it fade less as they age. Leopard is also a good one to add, especially when combined with blade.

awesome ill look out for one then, and id love to add leopard but a leopard clown is a little out of my range D: This is my first clutch so I’m doing my best to know go crazy on my first attempt haha

Clown males with nothing added is pretty reasonable. You could go that route. You could also get a het clown male with more genes cheaper. Leopard het clown males go for about the same price as basic visual clown male. If it was me I would rather breed a het to a visual than het to het. Breeding het to visual will get you about half your clutch visual clowns and the rest 100% het. Breeding het to het would get you about 1/4 visual and the rest 66% possible het.

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