Pairing questions for leopard geckos

I currently have a male SHTCT leopard gecko with no hets that I know of, and I am wondering what to pair him to for next year. I am thinking about trying to get tremper sunglow offspring. I bought a blazing blizzard and a RAPTOR White and yellow female to pair with him. I am planning on strengthening the blizzard in the next generations. Will the blizzard cause a visual change to the offspring in the first generation? Will the RAPTOR cause sunglow offspring? I don’t know a whole lot about genetics yet and I’m just getting started breeding. Also does anybody know what visual changes the offspring will have from the RAPTOR White and Yellow because of the White and Yellow? Thank you in advance.

If he is not het albino, you can’t get sunglows in the first generation. Breeding him to a blazing blizzard will produce all normal double het blazing blizzard, with some degree of the sire’s line bred traits. Breeding to a white & yellow raptor with produce half white and yellow het raptor and half normal het raptor, again with a variable degree of the sire’s line bred traits.

So the first generation offspring would be het albino and pairing them to another het albino would produce some sunglows right? Do you know what I could pair with him to get a final gene outcome with the first generation and/or get some strong visual changes.