Pairing questions

I have a scaleless head 50% het pied male ball python that I’m thinking of breeding in the future, but I can’t figure out what to pair it with. what would you pair it with?

What are your thoughts on scaleless snakes? If you want to avoid producing them don’t get a scaleless head. If you want to produce them get a scaleless head. To prove out the pos het pied I would get a pied. I would avoid het pied so if it doesn’t prove out you avoid pos hets. If you’re planning to do a multi-generation breeding you could get a recessive to produce hets. I would also add a couple dominant traits in. Of course produce what you like, if you love banana and calico you might end up getting a scaleless head pied banana calico.

thanks! definitely gonna consider a scaleless head pied banana calico!

oh, sorry, that’s what I’d produce. my bad!

The best advice anyone can give you is this - Breed what YOU like

Do not follow trends
Do not breed what other people tell you to breed
Do not breed random things just because you can

Remember that when you breed, you will have to care for those offspring for at least some period of time, possibly a long time if they do not sell. You also have to care for the parent animals. If you do not like the things you have in your snake room, then you interest starts to wane and you then start caring less and less and then your husbandry starts to slip and then you have a bunch of poor health animals and then you just hate snakes/keeping


I’m considering a scaleless head super pastel to produce a few scaleless pastels.

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That was just an example, if you want to produce scaleless get a scaleless head, if you don’t avoid it. If you decide to get a scaleless head learn a lot about scaleless snakes and make sure you’re comfortable working with them since there is more difficult care and it’s sometimes harder to sell them. Look around on the marketplace for dominant traits you like and look for a snake that has them. Use the calculator to see what you’d produce (note: super scaleless head is scaleless). Run 2 possibilities on the calculator, one with het pied and one without, both could equally happen. All of the dominant morphs are going to be passed on to some of the hatchlings. So look around on the marketplace and see what your favorite dominant traits are. Keep in mind that some change with age (bananas get spots, some pastels fade, etc.).

maybe a banana scaleless head? scaleless bananas are gorgeous!


Keep in mind that the colors change with age. I wouldn’t recommend getting a scaleless head snake (to produce scaleless) unless you have a lot of experience with ball pythons. If you still want to produce scaleless bananas after you research the color change and you want to take on the challenge of scaleless then keep in mind that a scaleless head x scaleless head banana will produce only 25% scaleless bananas. A scaleless head x scaleless head super banana will produce 50% scaleless bananas and all of the hatchlings will have banana.

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