Paludarium Build!

Long awaited! Its been done for a while now but I was too lazy to post lol.

The frogs:

I can get the materials list, but im not typing it out atm.

Started with a 33 gallon from wayfair. Easy to assemble and has a wire hole.

Spray foamed where the pond would go and laid down a layer of aquarium filter media.

Ran out of the black spray foam whooops. Added some branches and foamed the background.

Added the aquarium rocks and painted the white spray foam.

Skipped a few steps lolol. Put down a drainage layer and mesh. Added some of my isopods in the old substrate.

Started planting, added a cork bark for a completely hidden hide.

Added lights and heat. Pump went in. Made the mistake of using that evil piece of red rock.

Finished product after some extra decor and moving some things around! Last pic is from recently. Everything is growing in nicely and the frogs love it! I also vinyled the sides at some point here. Some silicone sticks out in places but for my first build im super thrilled with how it came out.