whats snakes do well in paludariums?

Arboreal snakes that eat fish like vine snakes

only them?

I don’t know but this is the one that comes to mind based on what I know.

ok thank you

I would imagine water snakes would do good in them. They do need to be able to swim so it would probably be best for them really.

Problem is it’s a vertical enclosure so not much square footage for most water snakes

Paludariums do not have to be made as mostly vertical. You can make them many ways and have a lot more floor space. Here is a video that shows one.

yeah they can be not vertical

The most commonly found on the market is vertical so that is where my mind was going :wink:

OP did not mention he was building a tank.

I mean, you could technically use a large fish tank for a paludarium. They don’t have to be front opening.

Nerodia and garter snakes would likely thrive in a long style paludarium. Ringnecks might as well though I doubt they would utilize the water all that much.

Elephant trunk snakes and tentacled snakes might do well in the water sections of a large paludarium also. But given their sensitivity to water quality I would make sure you have everything about the set-up well established and balanced before adding them.

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Man a small tree boa and some small Amazonian fish would be really cool.