Panacur Dose for snakes

So I was curious is it harmful for the snake to be dosed with panacur without it having parasites?

What species of snake? Is it wild caught or captive bred? Do you feel that it may have parasites?

I don’t suggest doing preventative treatment for issues that haven’t physically manifested in some way. Especially for parasites which can be checked for with a simple fecal test. Fishhead diagnostics even offers a fecal kit now.


Ok. I was curious. I’ll definitely do a fecel before hand. Well I have a wild GTP that definitely has parasites. And now I’m seeing a bump on my other GTP. I have a vet apt on Tuesday but was curious to treat my balls which are all captive. But I’ll do tests If I notice anything

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Unless you take them to a vet and they are prescribed meds, don’t give them anything.