Paradigm vs Paradise vs Prodigy?!

Dear lord help me. There are a couple of very convoluted posts from 10 years ago found in Google, but they don’t reference all 3 and are poorly put together. Not much else out there.

All three of these show up as the same genetics on MorphMarket (Het BWC+Het Sharp). What is the difference between these 3?

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Paradox isnt a genetic thing as far as I am aware. Its a random type trait that really should not exist on an animal but does (hence paradox).

Paradigm is genetic, breeding a het sharp + het bwc

Prodigy is considered another line of BWC.

Paradise is breeding a het sharp + het prodigy.

Everyone feel free to correct me, I am still learning a ton about morphs.


The Sharp complex is one of the best things in the Boa breeding hobby.

You have the Sharp albino, Boa woman caramel and the prodigy all of which are on the same allele. When Sharp and Boa woman caramel are bred together you get paradigm boas. A visual intergrade between the 2 mutations, effectively het for Sharp and het for Boa woman caramel. When you breed Sharp to prodigy you get paradise Boas, similarly to the paradigm. Prodigy and bwc appear to be unique from one another, whether that is due to polygenic differences or whether they happen to be similar mutations that arose independent of one another is unknown.



Thanks, that does clear things up some. Now I know that prodigy is another form of albinoism, not something that’s made by combining BWC+Sharp. I also now understand that het BWC+het sharp is paradigm. Paradise is het prodigy+het sharp.

Part of the problem is these 3 are all listed on MM as het sharp+het BWC

I’m confused about homo forms though. What is it when you have a homo sharp + het prodigy/BWC (Eg, Sharp albino het BWC). And vice versa what is homo BWC/prodigy+het sharp. And what is homo sharp+homo BWC/prodigy? And do they look any different than paradigm or paradise?

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Prodigy is still considered a line of BWC.

These are some correct labels on amimals, Paradise ex:


Do you have an example of one mislabled? I tried a search for Paradise with trait 100% het bwc selected and searched for a paradise but came up empty.

As for Paradox, this can be labeled on almost any gene combination because its not genetic. That just means something is there that should not have been possible in that exact breeding combination.

You can’t have a homozygous Sharp that is also carrying bwc or prodigy. They are on the same gene location. Paradigm is the homozygous for Sharp and bwc, paradise is the homozygous form for Sharp and prodigy.


Paradox I have not been confused about. Maybe I typed it on accident at some point.

Okay. I was incorrect. The single prodigy on MM is correctly labeled.

However I did come across the antarctic in this search which lists the animal as homo sharp homo prodigy. Not sure if this is incorrect and should be het sharp het prodigy?

But in the above post by Randall, he seems to say it’s not possible to have homo sharp + homo BWC…

EDIT: But I just realized they are listing it as a parahet. So scratch that. Above my pay grade lol

That is correct, you can’t have homozygous Sharp that has BWC or prodigy genetics. The allele that makes a genetic mutation is 2 parts. 1 from the father. 1 from the mother. An animal carrying 1 allele copy is heterozygous carrying 2 is homozygous. Carrying 0 is normal.

Hypo and Motley are 2 different mutations that are on the same allele also. If you breed Hypo to Motley you get hypos, Motleys normals and hypo Motley. If you then breed one of the hypo motleys to a normal, half of the animals will be hypo and half will be Motley.

I’m in my phone so difficult to explain fully. I’ll get on my computer later and check in.

  • So this antarctic I linked above to the antarctic is incorrectly listing it as homo sharp+homo BWC?

  • And, perhaps I’m backtracking but i assume it’s possible to make sharps (or BWC) from a paradigm / paradise? Ex, sharp to paradigm should produce some sharps.

  • if you mate a paradigm to paradigm you could possibly get some sharp and some bwc?

If answer is yes to all 3 of these I think I got it.

Honestly this is probably the most thorough thread ever on this topic. It was written out before by the OGs but long and convuluted and missing some points.


Yes breeding paradigm to paradigm will produce sharp albino, boa woman caramel and paradigm.

I’ll be pairing my Sharp albino male in about a week with my paradigm hypo motley. If they produce they’ll make Sharp albino, and paradigm neos.