Paradise Flying Snake (C. Paradisi) Care Sheet

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of a Paradise Flying Snake Display for my home office. Other than an article that Dan Muleary wrote a while back I cant find any first hand info from current past keepers. And even sellers dont seem like they keep them long enough to recommend a long term setup. So I just went for it on my own like I used to due back in the day. I purchased a 36X18X36 Glass enclosure. Padded the bottom with coco fiber. Medium sized water dish a pvc “jungle gym” that takes up half the cage space with varied pvc thickness. a UV Bulb a Halogen Bulb. Both on top and a heat pad on a bottom corner. I also added in 3 different hides. A Trio is in there now. If anyone has any critiques of the enclosure or advice on keeping paradisi in general let me know.


I will caveat that I do not keep this species but given their size and their typical level of activity I would think that a cage that size is too small for a trio.


I want to give everyone an update. Sadly 1 male and 1 female of this trio passed and there is one male left. The female seemed full grown and was eating like crazy definitely seemed like the hardiest one out of them all. Was up on her branches during the day hunting for lizards sleeping at night. They were awesome to watch and really beautiful and I really shelled out cash and physical effort to give em a great set up a serious disappointment. Still putting effort into the one I have left