Paradox BEL?

Would you consider this to be a BEL with Paradoxing?

And if so; what do you think their worth?
This was my first clutch ever, and I produced 2 specter mojaves and 4 BELS this one included.


I would say that it is a paradox. Since it’s a BEL then there shouldn’t be any pigment like that and I can’t think of any other realistic way that would be caused except by paradox. By looking on the marketplace for sold paradoxes I would say maybe about $300-600 depending on what morphs make it up. I don’t think paradox changes the price much if at all. But since the price is what someone’s willing to pay for it, it could be worth more if there’s someone who’s specifically looking for that.


That’s for sure a paradox mark. A small one like that probably won’t increase your value any. Usually only the super crazy paradox’s fetch the higher prices.


Thank you guys!

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