Paradox clutch

This season was a very odd but amazing season. I had a pastel champagne female that was paired to a black pastel male. She gave me 6 good eggs 0 slugs. 3 of the 6 had some paradox. 2 of those 3 had an amazing paradox. This is my first year working with champagne and I was a little hesitant about which Male to put her with. Anyone else work with champagne have similar clutches.


Over the years i have noticed that champagnes tend to through a good amount of paradoxed animals and a large amount of ones with ringers. Awesome looking group!

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These two are staying with me for a while. I’m going to do the same pairing next year just to see what happens. These are both females and I know paradox isn’t a genetic trait that is passed down. I think it will be a neat little project to see what these ladies can do.