Parahet terminology in ball pythons

Is there a reason why the term parahet is not used with ball python morphs/offspring as it is with boas? When a candino or Toffino is used in the pairing, the offspring are labeled as either het albino or het candy, which is what they are but are they also parahet candy/albino? Now I’m sure going forward we will have the same terms with Clown & cryptic, well actually maybe just the “crypton” pairings to a non het animal. Do these ball pythons pairings present the same situation as with the boas? Is this terminology not being used because it’s incorrect or for another reason? Just a thought…
Just throwing this in here because at the moment most are able to tell a candy/toffee from a het candy, het albino “Candino” or “Toffino” ----Cryptic & cryptons, I don’t believe the indicators have been completely figured out yet.

Final question…is this the actual correct terminology? I know us fellow reptile guys don’t always coin the proper terms but some just stick in the hobby & urk certain people :joy:

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Parahet specifically refers to paradigm boa constrictors, hence the “para.” It is by no means a scientific term.


Ahhh I gotchya now. Exacting where I came across the term which got me thinking of it in terms of the Candy, candino. Much appreciated!

As West noted, the “para-” prefix derives from the Paradigm

As far as how things go in the ball world, I personally use het Candino on my animals from such pairings. It occasionally means I get to have the same argument with the uninformed that I have had umpteen-bazillion times before, but that would likely be necessary regardless of how I labeled them


Hahaha I totally hear you on that. If or when my explanation is going over their head I’ll attempt to steer them towards a forum post, or website to help sink in better. May never work though regardless. Maybe I need to create a picture slideshow but then again if that’s needed…I’ll just leave it at that🤦‍♂️ Thanks for the response though @t_h_wyman Your answer was what I was mainly looking for when writing this but just in case someone else had the same question in mind, I posted instead of sending a message straight to you.
Seems so obvious now though when I first saw the answer from @westridge Thanks again!


I think i see most people saying het candy/albino. might be nice if the hobby came up with uniformed term.

Ehet candy/albino. Either het candy or albino?

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I think the term you’re looking for is candino.

Edit misread that you’re suggesting a common term to signify het for either or in these increasingly common allelic relationships.

Ehet sounds good to me!

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