Paroedura Pictus - Traits List

Hi I have done a list of traits for Madagascan ground geckos Paroedura Pictus

Lined double het amelanistic/xanthic Caramel

Banded double het amelanistic/xanthic Caramel

Lined het amelanistic

Banded het amelanistic

Amelanistic Lined

Amelanistic Banded

Caramel Lined

Caramel Banded



I use the word Amel for Amelanistic not sure what is more commonly used

I have photos of some of these that I breed here at Geckos of Norfolk. If you want photos I can supply some

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This is great Hazel, thank you for contributing!

Just to add to this

Lined (Stripe) - Dominant

Xanthic - Recessive
Caramel - Recessive
Anery - Recessive
Amel - Recessive

Banded - ???

Banded has no stripe but bands going around the body


So very cute! :heart::blush:

What an adorable gecko :heart_eyes:

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I love the Pictus Geckos and have a few ready to go. I have only put 2 on MM as I was trying to get the traits ready first, on here. But if any one is interested please message me and I can show you some


I was trying to find a color Dominant and recessive chart for Pictus and was going to post the question- when I found this post to ask.

Anyone know where a chart is, or can help?

I found @eaglereptiles post here and it was very helpful:

“ Lined (Stripe) - Dominant

Xanthic - Recessive
Caramel - Recessive
Anery - Recessive
Amel - Recessive

Banded - ???”

In addition I have seen:

stripe banded (no idea if proved out)

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I am guessing that it is just a combination of stripe and banded (I believe banded is polygenic)

In pretty much all reptiles, snow is used to refer to an xanthic amel. and because they are both present in pictus geckos I am going to say it is probably just a combo instead of a new gene

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Didn’t know if there were charts or Pictus calculators of dominant recessives or other combos.

I don’t know of any personally and wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any or the ones that do exist are outdated as they are not as popular as they should be.

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