Part 3) last nights locks

Gower Bumblebee Clown x Gower Super Pastel het Clown

Freeway Pastel Coffee lucifer Mojave x Bubblegum Calico Yellowbelly

Mardi Gras x Lucifer Yellowbelly

Banana Clown x Fire Jungle Woma 66% het Clown

Tri Stripe x Clown ++


Lol secrets!

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Lol I wish we were that mysterious :sunglasses:
A simple case of that many genes at play and was more than likely a worlds 1st as searched everywhere for another and because we were keeping her anyway we just thought it will all be revealed in the fullness of time lol :pray::crossed_fingers:


Thanks, nice complex genetics in your locks. Although mine are not so complex.
its good to see I am not the only one at lock stage. I thought my year was out of sink.