Partho eggs/ ball python

Just curious this is one of the eggs from my partho clutch I cut them on the 56th day and I obviously did not plan this so i have no idea about anything or any info about breeding, but just curious if i should just keep this live one in the incubator until it comes out of the egg on its own, or what just concerned because i cut it already but hes moving and alive he is just small and I do not know if he would even make it once out of egg. Just need some tips never planned on breeding so this partho clutch really has me confused with everything to do right. Just wondering if I leave him in incubator and he does not come out in the next couple of days what i would do next.


I’m confused, did you cut them before they pipped? If it’s alive, leave it in the incubator. It will either leave the egg or it won’t.


I would absolutely leave it in the incubator. They’ll come out when/if they are ready. Did any pip on their own or did just decide to cut them?


56 days isn’t even the long end of the incubation time period, so there’s a not insignificant chance this little one wasn’t ready to hatch and may not make it. That is why most advise not to cut without a pip first.


Just make sure that it doesn’t dry out by misting, some breeders do cut on or even before day 56, (i don’t recommend) just more work to keep them from drying out, and I’ve heard people sometimes have issues with tiny flies as well? Hopefully it is strong enough, but given the rest of the clutch it may not make it, even if you didn’t cut early. Fingers crossed for ya!