Partho lizards

So I have been really interesting in parthenogenesis for a while now and was curious about some lizards that reproduce exclusively through it. There are obviously things like morning geckos but I am more curious about things more like whiptails. Are there any that do well in captivity and are at least possible to breed in captivity? This is just out of curiosity more than anything else.


It’s very common in some monitor lizards to have partho babies. From my understanding some water monitors have a partho baby in every clutch.

Varanid Parthenogenesis


Mangrove monitors, Paul now has 3 uk captive bred partho babies from his female :heart_eyes:


What a great article that I had not seen before. Interesting the cranial deformities and low survival rate. It is clear that partho babies are less likely to go full term and survive but I would not have guessed the survival rates in Argus were that low…