Partho? Or just crazy odds

Pairing was calico firefly pos yb x pastel vanilla

Pastel Vanilla female laid a clutch of 8 eggs, 6 of which went full term and hatched without any problems. However, they all look like pastel Vanilla, and are all females. Yes, I’m sure, I quadruple checked to be sure they are all female.

I paired the male with the female 5 times, but never witnessed a lock. However, that male is apparently a quick shooter, as I only witnessed 1 other lock with a different female, and he clearly sired 2 other clutches. So it’s possible he just got the job done quickly.

But which is more likely? A partho clutch? Or just crazy odds of them all being female, all being pastel vanilla?

If it is a partho clutch, would the babies be fertile? I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of information about partho, so any info is welcome.

P.s. one of the babies hasn’t shed yet, but I posted the 5 that have.


If it was partho they would be super pastel super vanilla.

No and partho animals Generally have health issues and die young in ball pythons.

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Another observation fire and vanilla look extremely similar. And you have pastel on both sides.



And also this
For more on this:


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