Pastel Banana Pied lost her coloring?

Howdy folks.

So, Kiara here was sold to me as a banana pastel piebald. That is as much as I know about her generics.

I’ve had her about 4 months now. As you can see from the photos, she was a gorgeous yellow when I first got her. Over the past month or so, however, she has been losing color. At first I thought it was because she was going into shed, however, she shed 2 days ago and it seems to have made her lose even more of her yellow coloring.

I did some poking around and have found a few threads discussing of this happening, but not much else other than that.

Any idea why this happens? Anyone have any experience with this? She is about 260g currently, still a youngster. Will she keep this coloring as she grows?


Cg/bananas do get lighter and kinda wash out as they get older, a lot of morphs change quite drastically from baby to sub adult/adult size. Although I admit that dorsal stripe in particular looks so washed away! Occasionally some snakes either gain black freckles or lose a significant amount of pigmentation, seems to be a paradox type of thing that can randomly happen-not morph related. Still a cool look to it, and nice genetics in my opinion!:grinning:

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Definitely something different going on here. If it was older and larger than 260g I’d say that the lightening/fading would be more normal. But this looks like it’s losing all the color to it. I’ve seen someone post about this before, and it never proved out to be genetic or anything, but just very interesting to see

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Yeah, I know that they fade out with age, but with it being in such a short span of time and it being as drastic as it is, it definently dosen’t seem to be normal.
I’m definitely interested to see how she develops as she grows older, for sure!

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The Pastel Gene does have a tendancy to “Brown Out” as the snake ages. But heres what im not hearing. What was the base gene. Used t I create the “Pied” portion. That could be affecting the overall coloration as your snake ages. As breeders we have failed to keep the lineage of the base genes in tack with the animals. I have a Super Banana Het Pied. Ut other than Banana and Het Pied, i have no idea what the genetislcs were going into the Banana and Pied portion of my animal. Same thibg with a Clown and Pied that i have had for over 15 years. Neither one of them was sold with any informatiin other than Pied or Clown. I k ow goong forward as i produce offspring from them i plan on carrying any genetic info o have on my paidibgs with my animals. Below are my Super Banana Het Pied and a Banana Cinnamon HGW which i actually think is a Coral Glow. Smaller guy is the Ban, Cin, HGW

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