Pastel Black Pastel?

Picked up an unusual snake. Sometimes it’s black and white and sometimes it’s rust …looking for any help it’s a girl and I absolutely adore her. Up close her scales seem to have color on top then a clear laver and some color in the background. Like each scale is 4dimensional .


Man that thing is amazing. What was it sold to you as?


Pastel black pastel …that was all it said on the tag.

Thank you. I’m very fond of her. She didn’t bite me and I was leaning over her in the store when she was being displayed. She just chilled on top of a tub so I had to have her.

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Guessing blind with no pairing info is tough. But you for sure more than black pewter going on. My first thought was super pastel black pastel yellowbelly.


And welcome to the community.

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Thank you hoping this community is more fruitful with real time information and less guesses when information is needed. I have about a dozen balls so now just trying to figure out what to pair with her to prover her out without wasting a season. I have a couple years before she’s ready . I’m very curious about her places where she could have had a black ringer but it just barely touched her tail and a couple other spots.


Does she shed clear?

That’s paradoxing not a ringer imo

Ive only had her since Saturday.

That’s what I thought with everything I’ve been studying in general. This is my first go with ball pythons. They are like potato chips … although with myself being extremely new and not having and experience with paradox I didn’t want to label it and be wrong. But with the obvious crazy combos she’s throwing how could it not be. I did order a 365uv light so I’m hoping to get some clarity on her Markings

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She’s super nice for sure!!! Maybe @t_h_wyman could lend his opinion.

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Thank you!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This looks like a nice BlkPewter to me, do not really see anything else in it


Thank you, both so much.

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While I work a lot with black pastel Travis does too and has been breeding ball pythons longer than I have. I would definitely side with his identification to be safe. But either way she is super nice!!!


I’m going to be listing my entire collection. Something has come up with my health and everyone must go. So I’ll be listing everywhere from MorphMarket to local I have t had any luck with local. Just tire kickers who hope to be able to afford a $200 snake. It’s ridiculous. I had a store low ball me at $1200. For 15 of them when they have lesser quality balls for $700 that are less than 300grms. So if anyone has any pointers on how to rehome my collection of balls and 3 panther chams I’m all ears.

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