Pastel Clown vs Hypo Clown vs Pastel Hypo Clown hatchlings

I am looking for freshly hatched examples of pastel clowns, hypo clowns, and pastel hypo clowns. I am trying to help a friend ID their newly hatched baby. It has not shed yet so if you have photos of ones before shed that would be awesome. Thank you!

You can’t reliably identify before the first shed because the pigments haven’t all come through yet. The best time to identify is after the first shed when you can start to see what the final patterns and colors are going to look like.
You could try messaging breeders who are selling/have sold pythons with those morphs in the past and ask if they could provide pictures of when they hatched. Here you can find breeders who have sold them in the past:
Pastel Clown
Hypo/Ghost Clown
Pastel Hypo/Ghost Clown
If your friend gives you permission you could post pictures here and someone might be able to help you.


I would say this is your best bet for getting identification on your friends hatchlings.
While comparing hatchlings can prove to be helpful, it’s not guaranteed because you’re still guessing and there is a lot of variation between combos and morphs.
Asking here would be a good idea, there are a lot of knowledgeable breeders on here who would be happy to lend their opinion on what your friend hatched out.


This is the only fresh hatch one i had, hypo clown

Pastel Clown het Hypo, obviously some size on her, but earliest i had on hand.

The top one is a pastel hypo clown. not fresh hatched, but very young.


Thank you! So far we are thinking they hit on the Pastel Hypo Clown but once it sheds I will share a photo for some more opinions.