Pastel GHI clown, Fire clown

Do they look to be identified correctly? What am I looking for to prove GHI and Fire? Was offered both for 1300.00. Is it a good deal?

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The bottom one is definitely a fire clown, but I am less confident that the top one has GHI. It might, but pastel obliterates the patterns in clown so much it’s sometimes hard to tell

As for whether they’re worth 1300.00, that depends. Are they male or female? Age? If they’re male hatchlings, I’d say not worth it, if they were 800g females, I might take the risk, although both fire and pastel are supper common/cheap, so probably not. Are they from a breeder you trust to confidently and correctly ID their snakes properly? If not, then pass


They are around 130 grams both female. It’s nobody I trust. If they are what he claims pastel GHI clown females are listed for 2800.00. Fire clowns around 850.00. So you say the one is definitely a fire clown. That is 850.00 in value. If the other one was just a pastel clown it’s worth at least 500.00 to 600.00. So I guess proving the GHI will be difficult?

For me personally I would make sure they are female. You could ask for pictures of them being popped (if they know how to) or if it’s in-person pop/probe them yourself (if you don’t know how to you might be able to find someone to go with you that can).


Assuming this is us not uk?
As otherwise if uk then you’re being told wrong on the pricing too as defo not that much here.

Quite small too, as said ask for proof on sexing for sure if nobody you know


It is the US. Pricing was based on MorphMarket listings I found. The guy is an established breeder. I just never bought from him. The sex is easy to verify because I would be buying them in person not shipped. Hoping to find someone who knows the GHI gene well.

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