Pastel het clown ID?

Pet sitting my cousin’s new snake for the weekend because their cat is stressing him out terribly. But! They said the breeder told them it was pastel het clown- only issue is the breeder was shady and told them nothing else (Let alone how to take care of it). I’m not the best at IDing but I know it’s pastel, not sure about the het but that’s not an issue. I’m wondering if it’s something else, because it has a busy pattern and it’s head is as light as a super. I couldn’t get great pics but hopefully you can help me ID him better than the breeder did at explaining to them :joy: I also have a pastel but he doesn’t have a head stamp nearly as bright! Is it just how a pastel variety is?

Also thank you everyone for answering all of my questions! I know I ask a lot but, you can’t learn unless you ask right?

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Looks like a nice pastel to me. Not a super pastel because it isn’t washed out enough. Being het for clown can at times make them cleaner. Pastels are variable just like normal bps.


Nice to know, thank you! Never seen one with such a noticeable head stamp haha