Pastel Pied Identification

Pastel Dreamsicle x Pied. First 3 to shed (waiting on one more).

I’m thinking these are all regular pieds (not pastel). What do you think?

They’re obviously het lav as well.


I agree, all regular Pied.


I think they’re all Amazing! Wow!
I look forward to more pics and babies! :heart_eyes:

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You have more pictures? Pied isn’t my specialty put looks like you may have pastel.


The brightness of them!
I also think Pastel for them too.
We used to have a pied and wasn’t like this at all. The ‘normal’ browns you see pied.

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Thanks all!

I think these are regular pieds because they lack the splotchy color patches I see in pastel pieds. There’s also little to no deviation in their head stamps (pastels are often more washed out, less so in pied combos I think but still another identifying factor).

I initially thought they are so bright maybe some or all have pastel but honestly I think their good color is from the bloodline (the dad is an unusually nice dreamsicle, ) or possibly het lavender influence is coming into play.

I didn’t snap a ton of photos of these guys yet, trying to keep stress down until they get their first meal. 2 out of 3 ate a live pinky rat to my surprise yesterday, woohoo!

Here’s a photo of mom and dad just for fun though:


If those are indeed single gene pieds they are beyond nice!


4th one finally shed and promptly ate a live fuzzy rat.

Didn’t want to disturb he/she much after eating but I snapped a couple in cage photos. I think this one might be pastel. Sometimes I look at the others and I think they gotta be more than regular pieds as well. I didn’t anticipate IDing pastel pieds to be tricky like this!

What do you guys think about this one?

Interesting little bit of grey color transition up at its neck as well.

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I processed a few more photos of the first batch I took.

After looking at them more after they ate I’m thinking the high pattern one might be pastel as well, but not nearly as confident as the last one. (Left)

Definitely has some splotchy color.

A couple other photos:

To me the one on the left is normal and the other two are pastel.

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They are all beautiful :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see my first pied babies

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That makes sense because they are lighter but when I look at the high pattern one in person the color splotches are the most prominent. It became a little more apparent after their first meal (after those photos were taken).

As of now I’m thinking just the latest one to shed is the only pastel but who knows! I’m sure it will become more apparent with more meals/sheds. I’ll get more photos and share my thoughts when I have a better idea.

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