Pastel x Pastel Mojave Ghost clutch ID

I have a terrible habit of second guessing myself.
So, please verify morphs on these two babies.

Baby 1

Baby 2


Not trying to be picky or rude because I know how much these little guys can move!:smiley: But pics need to be basically straight down and we need to see the head. The first two pics are great but no head, which we need to see how much blushing to help determine pastel from super pastel. Even so it looks like you got 2 pastels het for ghost to me. Baby 2 has a cool funky pattern, but didn’t look Mojave in those pics to me. Pretty snakes!


It was the second one that was throwing me.

These guys are particularly “ball” pythons. Better than my BP pied clutch. They constantly strike.

These any better?

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Both pastel


Yes those are good, they can be a little nervous out of the egg! I agree with @steelserpents both just pastel. Sometimes pastel can make busy or different looking patterns, as well as the second may have some influence from ghost since it is a het. I do see why you could second guess yourself on the second one, but definitely not the colors of Mojave, and not blushed out enough to be super pastel. Just a funky looking pastel, a nice looking one too!

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