Pastel YellowBelly 100% HET Clown

Greetings all, I am a complete novice to ball pythons but have become fascinated by these beautiful snakes. So much so that I recently bought a Pastel yellow belly HET Clown morph for one of my sons who’s dream it has been to have a pet snake. Now my older son wants one as well, he wants to start breeding morphs! Here my question; if we were to breed the above mentioned snake (it’s a male by the way) what interesting morph should we buy for the best results in their offsprings? Much obliged, Volker


Firstly, welcome to the forum :blush:

Now as it is a het clown that means if paired to a visual clown or another het clown then you would have chances to produce visual clowns.

Your bet bet is to look for morphs that you and your sons like the look of and see if you can find one that is also het clown… Or visual clown.

Personally, I would look for a Leopard Clown, which would give you a shot at a beautiful 4 gene animal (clown, YB, pastel, leopard) … But it all depends on YOUR taste.


You should look into coco husk for the substrate rather than sand. Sand is not supposed to be good at all for the snake!


Wow I’m jealous that the Europe section has more leo clowns than here in the states lol. But yeah in the end whatever makes the owner happy is most important :slight_smile:

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You definitely want a female Clown or female Het Clown. If it is Pastel you can produce Super Pastels which are nice to brighten color, and add others in for pattern. Like Leopard was suggested. Enchi works well and I personally like Mojave. It really comes down to what you like and enjoy. And what your budget is. Pastel YB’s are a fav for many of us. Myself included.


Anything dominant or visual resources work… So you produce 100% het of Any recessive you have in the female you get

Greetings, luckily I checked my junk box and found your replies guys, much obliged!
Thank you for your suggestions. My other son seems set on albino/clown , red eyes, white skin with yellow patches, could one breed this with the above mentioned snake? If yes, what would the offspring look like? Regarding sand, why isn’t sand good for the snake? They live in dry, arid savanna in the wild right? We have placed humid moss inside both dens.
Once again, thank you for the warm welcome on this forum and please excuse my ignorance, trying my best to catch up…

Albino snakes look exactly like you described, red eyes with yellow patterning on a white background. Unfortunately albino is also a recessive trait, so in order to make a clown albino with what you’d have, you’d have to breed to an albino, the first generation would be het for albino, and then you would have to breed the to something containing albino. Basically it would take you two generations to get a clown albino offspring. If you got an albino het clown female, your first generation would look something like this:

No, they live in a more tropical-y type setting. Which means they need high humidity and temperatures and sand isn’t going to be good for maintaining humidity