Patchnose Snake Info?

Hey all, was wondering if anyone keeps/knows someone who keeps patchnose snakes. From what little i was able to find online they seem to be reptile eaters, who will also prey on reptile eggs and rodents.

All the info I have seen in relation to these guys is from the wikipedia article for Salvadora hexalepis and a few wildlife info pages of the southwest US, all of which leave much to be desired.

I think they look pretty cool (they remind me of garter/ribbon snakes in appearance). And I would love to learn a bit more about them besides where they live and what they eat. (And of course if there is any captive breeding going on?)

Below is a picture of a (Patchnose?) snake a friend sent me, asking if it was poisonous (No, its not poisonous, obviously but I’m sure we all know someone who doesnt know/care about the difference. They arent venomous from what I’ve read either)

originally I believed it to be a garter snake but it just didn’t match any that I’d seen, so I tried one of those nature ID apps and thats how i ended up here, looking for answers that may not be available. Its hard to see, but it has a large, singular scale on the front of the nose, which is unlike the garter snakes I have seen before.



That’s crazy! I’ve never heard of one but there are a lot of people here with a lot of experience so I’m sure someone will speak up! But it’s a really cool looking snake so I don’t blame you for being interested in them! :snake::blush::+1:


Yeah, I have a soft spot for snakes with stripes lol

One cool thing is that while they kinda resemble garters in coloring/striping, they are egg layers (average of 4-10 eggs iirc)


I’m hoping we will see some replies soon because now I am curious! Lol! :blush:


Interesting creature! I don’t have any knowledge about these snakes. There are many on here witha wide range of experience in many species. Hopefully someone will come along soon with some info for you.