Patience is the name of the game

This girl is a 2016 and this is the first year she has ever laid healthy eggs, sometimes you have to wait for it. Looking at the ultrasound I though she would totally slug out this year as well but she actually laid only 3 slugs and 3 seemingly healthy eggs. Pure Black Axanthic X Black Axanthic pairing, hopefully I have a few dark beauties in a couple months. :black_heart: She is usually darker but has that egg glow going on. :crossed_fingers:


Fingers crossed for you!
I had the same problem with a leopard gecko that looks to have dropped a healthy egg for me this year. Currently incubating with me desperately wanting to candle, but I’m just gonna try to let it sit comfortably as long as possible,


Nice! Congratulations on winning the waiting game, lol. I have a female that I bought as an adult in 2020 who still has not produced a clutch for me and is driving me insane, but I think her issue is environment - it’s very clear she was not handled as a juvenile and is terrified of people (no matter how much I work with her) and I honestly think she’s too stressed to produce. Even me opening the tub to change her water results in a very defensive response, and because I can’t handle her, I also can’t palpate her or even observe changes in body condition because she’s always flattened out and puffed up.


Congratulations! I’m excited to see what the babies look like :heart_eyes:


I am wishing you success! I love dark colors! Hopefully you will be sharing beautiful baby pictures soon! :pray::crossed_fingers:

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Awwwww that’s sad that your girl is so scared/stressed! It’s a shame that no one took a few minutes to show her a little tlc along the way. Just because snakes are breeders or intended to be breeders, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be afforded a little affection along the way. But that’s just me……


Good luck keep us posted regards Tony

Yeah, it’s been difficult. Most of my animals are extremely handleable because I work with them from hatching, but I got her as an adult and have spent two years doing everything I can think of to slowly work with her but no change, she’s absolutely terrified. I get bitten pretty much every time I have to handle her (which I try not to do).

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That’s just a shame. She would not even be a good pet for someone if you decided to rehome her……:slightly_frowning_face:

But maybe there is something off in her brain? Like neurological? That can’t be remedied……

Just a thought. But you have clearly tried to help her!

I have seen that in dogs while I was working at the vet clinic here……