Pattern Disrupters

Y’all are throwing out stuff I never would have thought would be considered a pattern disrupter.
I am so glad I made this thread!


Shatter is another cool one. We have a GHI Shatter male paired to our Pewter Mojave Spider female. Hoping for a GHI Mojave Shatter.

Can you share a pic of him? I dont seem to understand the shatter gene.

Here is our GHI Shatter male. He is way cool.


Gasolina​:fire::fire::fire: super nice

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I must know exactly what it is!

Spotnose or GHI are my favorite (hoping for bday lol) leaning more towards a hatchling/young GHI female.

It’s mine tomorrow and :crossed_fingers: a GHI or Lavender finds its way into my present pile :joy:.

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I’d have to say some of my favorite patterned snakes would be my Black Pastel Pinstripe Trick, Cinnamon Lesser, and GHI Pastave girls. My Trick, Reba, has the coolest striped pattern I have EVER seen on a ball! The Lesser gives a really nice reduction to the Cinnamon. June, the Pastave, has this really neat greyed out/silver kinda look to her where the GHI and Pastel really compete and the Mojave just beautifully changes her pattern!




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I reeeallly like Reba :heart_eyes: what a beautiful snake.

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What Ghi do to the pattern? :thinking:

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(left)Normal next to a GHI(right)

Credit: @t_h_wyman

Notice how the alien heads are detached from the belly and higher up towards the dorsal.
They also take on a “O” shape that reminds me of the rings in sonic. Though mainly they are wobbly "0"s


As @eaglereptiles has displayed in his post it gives the snake a funky pattern. I especially like how it takes the alien heads from each side of the snake and connects them at the dorsal. Super cool IMO.


Acid :heart::heart::ok_hand: little bit pricey, but I need one


Especially considering how many breeders have so many of them available. Mass produce. Mass produce. Mass produce.

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Are you talking about Acid?

Well, this was something new. Thanks for the Pictures!! :slight_smile: I really was thinking that ghi only makes colors darker…

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Wow, Reba is gorgeous!


You might enjoy this thread then :blush:

Next to a Normal for reference

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