Pattern variation? Or what’s going on here?

So, both the clutches I had sired by my banana pied male, Sherbet, have thrown babies that look really wacky. Is this just because of the het pied? I don’t want to be another one of those “hoping something else is there when it isn’t” but I’ve never seen het pieds look so weird like this! I’m mainly seeing a lot of holes and weird loops/wavyness in the saddles specifically, and a really long stripe coming up from the end of the tail. The “alien head” eyes are also extremely reduced on a lot of these babies, or have only a single “eye”

1.0 banana pied (Sherbet) x 0.1 normal (Delta)

1.0 banana pied (Sherbet) x 0.1 normal (Penny)

I also got some closeup pics of a couple of these babies, but I haven’t color corrected the photos like I did with all the others:

It’s not terribly visible in this pic, but the female normal het pied at the bottom has several faded spots on the head as a headstamp, as opposed to it just being blushed

One of the loops/hooks on one of Delta’s babies


It’s really hard to see the pattern with them in balls. Can you get them to lay out so the head, patterns and sides are more visible?

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I just fed Delta’s babies yesterday, but I’ll try and get better pics of Penny’s babies since I haven’t separated them into their own bins yet! They weren’t being the most cooperative with having their photos taken :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Finally got pics! Some of them still weren’t being cooperative :joy:

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5


I think your seeing het pied influence… do you have a photo of the parents?


If that’s what it is then no biggie! It’ll help me decide which one(s) I wanna keep more easily :joy:

Here’s a few pics of mom, she has a similar patterning to the babies oddly enough, I wonder if that had some influence on it:

And then the dad:


Giving this a bump!
I’m still gonna assume just pattern variation with the babies, but just wanna be sure

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You know the normal colored ones have a lot of flames coming up that are more orangish then white, that is a good indicator of yellow belly, but they don’t look as bright as you would expect a yb hatchling to look. Some yb complexes like gravel tend to be darker. So maybe breed to a yb complex just on the off chance and see, any better belly pics?(they will probably be super tracked though cuz of het pied) Then I saw your het pied adult and she did definitely pass on some of her look to the offspring, so it could be her het pied influence, weird it influenced so many though. Nice clutch for sure!

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They do definitely kinda look yellowbelly with the headstamp and flaming on the sides, mom also has a bit of a headstamp and flaming so I wonder if she might be yellowbelly or something in the complex.

I have a banana yellowbelly male I could try pairing to her, maybe see if anything comes of that. Though I almost would prefer to get an ivory male or some super/allelic that’ll be more likely to prove out whatever she’s got going on.

I’m not even sure if she’s actually het pied though, since we didn’t hit any in this clutch. Could have just been bad odds too though — which is why I also want to repeat the pairing with the male just to be sure.

I’ll see if I can get better pics of the bellies, the babies just didn’t want to let me flip them over to show them off though :joy:


I would love to see more side/belly pics of the mom as well. Maybe someone can get a definite on het pied or yb complex for you. And good thinking with a super form of yb to breed to her, that way if it turns out she isn’t at least all the babies will be!


Some pics of mom!

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Some pics of the babies from Delta’s clutch as well— sorry for the poor lighting, but best I could do at the moment :joy:

So this is same dad, different mom — but they also have some odd patterning going on with them.

Baby # 1

Baby # 2

Baby # 3

Baby # 4


Can’t really tell on the mom didn’t look yb belly to me, I didn’t see any speckling along the sides and I don’t even see the thick tracks a lot of het pieds have. They are usually lower near the tail though, looks like someone took a black sharpie down both sides of belly, but not all het pieds have tracks or any markers, that’s why the only definite way to tell is by there proven genetics. Some of those babies do look crazy though. That normal colored baby number 3 looks very crazy to me, maybe the moms weird pattern is influencing them, more breeding would be the only way to know for sure. Bad odds not getting any pieds off a pied and a het pied but it does happen.


Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s het pied influencing the markings, or if dad is carrying something odd because babies from both his clutches have the funky markings going on

Delta I know doesn’t have anything too weird going on with her, she’s just a normal as far as I can tell (these are all pics of her while she was gravid)

Although she does look a bit similar to Penny with the reduced patterns in the “alien eyes” too

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Beautiful clutch, I especially like the pattern on the second baby! In my humble opinion I think the pattern from the mother must have influenced the pattern on the babies.


You have a bunch of beautiful babies. I too think the wacky alien heads are influenced by having a single Piebald gene.
I picked up a female fire yellowbelly het pied last year. She doesn’t have one normal looking alien head. All are distorted and resemble Indian cave art to me. She doesn’t have tracks but sports a little ringer.
Here’s a few pictures of her…