Paying Through the Site with Escrow

IDK about anyone else but I cannot be the only one wanting an app on here. I like to look at all the options. It needs ability to wishlist and like photos just like website and a way to pay through the site would be nice as well but I do get it’s a classifieds site, but hey maybe it would be an option in the future like how ebay holds the sellers money for a month until buyer receives and approves of animal and money goes through morphmarket as their money back safety guarantee but only with picture and video to back claims. Provide a rating system for buyers as well.


An app to the actual market and community would be very helpful. Some of these ideas might be a little hard, but being able to have wishlist easily accessible, browse topics, and follow sellers.


Yeah that’s more or less what I was thinking at least an app for the marketplace listings basically

Here are Johns thoughts on it…
What About a MorphMarket App?


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, please see my detailed thoughts on an app in the other thread that Eagle mentioned.

I’ve renamed the title because at least half the request is actually about paying through the site, and having MM hold the escrow money.

While this is something we’d love to provide, it’s extremely complicated for a lot of reasons. So without going into all of that, I’ll just leave at a maybe one day.

Our next step in that area is much more conservative – we plan to develop a formal playbook of how we moderate disputes, and to publish those policies so everyone knows. It’s a very hard problem, and sometimes just comes down to one person’s word against the other.


I would be completely against MM holding funds in “escrow” for a transaction. There are way too many issues that could arise with an animal due to poor husbandry within just a few days.

Many new people in the hobby are buying multiple animals at once from different breeders with zero quarantine practices in place. This creates a potential problem for reputable sellers, in that someone else’s animal with a RI could spread to animals that arrived in perfectly healthy condition and were not quarantined from sick animals the same buyer purchased elsewhere.

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