Payment processors other than PayPal?

Hi, my husband and I are new to the forums, but not new sellers. We recently made our first $1000 sale, but PayPal has put a hold on the funds (for no reason that I can discern). We added tracking info, but we shipped to a hub, so I’m afraid that we won’t see our funds for awhile. We’re not big sellers. This is just a hobby for us and we still have day jobs, as I’m sure most of you do, and we can’t afford to have our funds locked up like this. I’ve been reading horror stories about PayPal and at this point I no longer want to use them. Are there any other payment processors that people use that don’t put their users through this hassle? Has anyone else had their funds put on hold randomly like this?

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I use square invoicing for all my bp sales


PayPal will put funds on hold with new accounts, it’s a security measure to make sure you’re not a scammer. I had it happen with my first sale too, the buyer just needs to mark it as shipped/delivered on their end and the funds will be released to you.

I also use Square for most of my payments, I’m wanting to switch over to it but it seems a lot of people still prefer PayPal.


That’s the explanation they gave us and I totally understand about scammers. We did end up receiving the funds. The thing is, this is far from our first sale and its not a new account. We’ve been selling and using this paypal account since 2020. I think we’re going to go with square from now on anyway. It’s really disturbing to me that they can just hold our funds whenever they feel like it.

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The last 5 years I have just wholesale all my boas to a few breeders I know. They even come to my home and pick them up and pay me then.

In the past I used US postal money orders not bank money orders. I know it’s old school but it’s safe. The buyer can get them at the post office when sending you the money. They can’t scam the US postal money order as it’s a federal offense. So if by chance someone did the US government will go after them and prosecute them.


We had the same thing happen to us after years of using PayPal. A quick phone call got us our money back thankfully. We setup with square and they instantly did the same thing to our first sale. It took a lot more work to get square to approve the account and release our funds though.
Now that we offer both PayPal and Square we still have many customers who prefer PayPal so Id be hesitant to get rid of it all together. Plus, its nice to offer options for customers.