Paypal and Animal Sales

I may be late to the game but I just learned of this a few moments ago.,-does-paypal-regulate-any-other-goods-or-services-faq2091

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For anyone who may have clicked and read this and is feeling nervous - don’t despair. It simply means that yes, you may use paypal for transactions involving animals, but it is regulated. You may not use it to buy or sell animals that are illegal, illegal sales are prohibited.
The bulk of paypal transactions overall involve items that have zero regulation. Anyone in any state can buy a t-shirt or a coffee mug, but I can’t just order an Eastern Indigo without a permit. Hence the “need” for regulation on transactions involving animals. This is paypal doing a little CYA, they don’t want to be held liable if someone sells me an Eastern Indigo without a permit and I get caught.


Except they are taking funds from keepers’ currently and without cause. They won’t tell them what “terms” they violated. Accounts are being frozen, access to funds frozen for up to 6 months… Then paid to PayPal and no clear reasons why.

Here’s our 5/27 announcement:

I have been frustrated by Sellers not wanting to do invoices or requesting friends and family payments. At first I assumed it was just sellers trying to avoid the paypal fees associated with sale of goods transactions. I haver since learned many sellers are afraid of paypal coming after their account for animal sales.
I have used Wave in my business to bill customers and take credit card payments. Check it out they have low CC processing fees with no additional per transaction tack on fees and they have a limited functionality user account option with no monthly subscription fees and it still includes functionality to create invoices with click-through payment options for billing customers for goods and services.
Check it out, it may be a way to ditch paypal if they are going to get weird on us!