PayPal and Payment Methods

Many legitimate reptile breeders accounts have been frozen by PayPal in the last month. This is allegedly due to complaints from PayPal corporate regarding higher than average fraud rates in this sector. We are continuing to monitor this situation.

While we are not discouraging the use of PayPal at this time, if you are a breeder you may want to perform more frequent withdrawals of your balance to a non-linked account in the event that your account becomes frozen.

For MorphMarket subscription payments, we will continue to accept PayPal on our website. If any users need to make payments for annual plans with another method, as in the past you may contact our support team, and we will invoice you with Square. In the next month or two we plan to add alternative subscription payment options onto the site for greater convenience.

While we recognize that PayPal has traditionally offered great buyer protection, other payment methods such as credit cards provide good protection as well. Due to the recent events, some reputable breeders may not be accepting PayPal, but this is not a reason in itself to distrust them. As always we recommend that you do your own research on any seller: read reviews on MorphMarket and consult others that you trust.

At MorphMarket we pride ourselves in offering the best online platform both for buyers and sellers. If you have any concerns about making a payment or suspect someone is not being a responsible seller, please contact our support team.

In the coming months we will be investigating the best payment methods for animal transactions for the reptile community, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Brian Carter, Shawn Gray, and others for their input.


I have seen a couple cases documenting Square also freezing accounts recently so be careful jumping ship from PayPal to Square thinking that will solve the problem


I have been frustrated by Sellers not wanting to do invoices or requesting friends and family payments. At first I assumed it was just sellers trying to avoid the paypal fees associated with sale of goods transactions. I have since learned many sellers are afraid of paypal coming after their account for animal sales.
I have used Wave in my business to bill customers and take credit card payments. Check it out they have low CC processing fees with no additional per transaction tack on fees and they have a limited functionality user account option with no monthly subscription fees and it still includes functionality to create invoices with click-through payment options for billing customers for goods and services.
Check it out, it may be a way to ditch paypal if they are going to get weird on us!