Peanut butter king or albino

I have purchased this beautiful 2021 girl from a breeder, a very good breeder, but not sure if mis identify has been given to this snake, just from some of the pictures I have seen. Is this a peanut butter Florida king or a hypo Florida or is it an albino Florida king snake.


Don’t know as much on kingsnake morphs so please forgive me If I’m wrong, but I think Peanut Butter. I don’t think it’s hypo but again, never been good with kingsnake morphs. I’m Wondering what other people will say… :thinking:


Thank you for being honest, I think and have been told it’s a hypo peanut butter, I think it is but just looking at other pictures of Florida kings and the Albinos look similar. I would like to get hold of a male peanut butter so I can be one of the very very few breeders in the UK to breed peanuts.


I would say it is a peanut butter.


Cheers thank you.

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glad i’m not the only one! :sweat_smile:

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Oh yeah, maybe she does have hypo in her but not by itself I don’t think
But nonetheless, your king is a cutie!

Thanks she is a beauty and extremely friendly.

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Are its eyes red or black? Hard to tell from the pictures

for the record, I don’t agree with this being peanut butter, peanut butters usually still have black pigment remaining. I think this is most likely lavender (T+ albino) but waiting on confirmation about red eyes. Definitely not hypo either, as hypo causes pattern aberration in Florida kings.

edit: here is an page with descriptions of various Florida king morphs Florida King Morphs

You can see this looks unlike known peanut butters


Actually, looking at these pictures makes me think that they do have a lavender. This also means that quite a few people are misidentifying them. Thank you for the correction @jakes_snakes

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No problem. I see people misidentifying Florida king morphs all the time. It’s not easy when many morphs just look yellow as adults, similar to the Brooks locale FL kings

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I am going to save that article so I can reference it when people need help on these. Thanks again.

No worries. Thanks for your help

Yeah, after I looked I agree. I was debating on the two… My mistake!

Hiya, she does have red eyes

@jakes_snakes red eyes buddy. So you saying she is a lavender T+ albino


Apologies for the poor lighting. The eyes are red

Comparing here to what NERD has I definitely think she is an albino not a lavender albino. Lavender albino seems to be darker in body and my one is very light