Pentuple het Corn snake clutch

Lavender, motley, diffused, hypo, and anery hets. Neither animal is proven, unknown possible other hets. Both are new to me this year. I’m excited for these offspring. Both first time breeders, from what I was told.


Cool! How many eggs did you get and when are they due to hatch?


Only eight good ones, one obvious slug, laid on the 14th of June 2021, so August 13 or so due date. Thanks for checking it out!

Will you be selling the babies when they hatch or are you going to hold them back?

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I’ll probably let a few go.
I started this year with the goal of hatching out a single clutch of corns, and now it looks like we might hit 5-7 clutches, two species and we have 26 snakes now, I think. I’m pretty sure I started the year with 6 snakes, but it’s all a blur. We have been sort of busy over here. We have 2 Papuan carpets, 2 coastal carpets, 2 jungles on the way, 6 ball pythons, 7 gopher snakes, 7 corn snakes, five crested geckos (wait, those aren’t snakes) two western hognose snakes and no partridge in a pear tree (because I don’t like birds) how many is that?

These multi-possible hets hatched over the last two days, only 8 of 12 made it to term, there’s still one to emerge, but it’s my first clutch in 13 stinking years, so I’m pumped. Pics from earlier today.
I guess that means we have 36 snakes as of today. teehee!

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Dam is a quad het, (caramel, amel, hypo, anery, poss het motley) male is het palmetto, (the sire of the male was a WC snake, I am told. His progenitors are all ostensibly “pure” corn snake, no emoryi, no gray rat, just corn.) he should not have any hidden hets. I wanted my comeback clutch to be normal phenotype corns, and aside from visual palmetto hets, they are. I freaking love corns. I’ll probably hold back fifty percent of my corns this year. We, with any luck have 15 more hatching in mid August.


Lately I’ve been wishing I could get a corn…it was my choice for a first ever herp before the Uro took the throne (won thanks to diet and as my dog’s poop tends to make me hurl most of the time I think snake poop will to since their carnivorous.


Snake poo is only bad with really BIG snakes and if you catch it extemely fresh. Owning over a dozen corns (18 snakes total) I can tell you that most of the time you gonna find it not fresh and at that point it’s dry and no smell at all.


@meerkatlyndz - I was going to say the same thing.

I think Corn snakes are the best pet snakes, followed by Pituophis and then probably Bredl’s (Centralian) Pythons.
Everyone should start with corn snakes, as far as keeping snakes is concerned. Obviously my own opinion, I hope that’s assumed.


Could u HMU if you are wanting to sell them? But let me tell you I am on a tight budget so it might not work out but still plz HMU

Ok that is fine

Sorry for the late reply…internet service was suspended and still sorta is. Had to borrow off my american buddy…internet is reconnected for now on a payment promise that will only work if the $ he’s loaning me goes through.

For me venomous aside I believe I will mostly just stick to colubrids…not really into pythons or boas for the most part. I think cribo/indigo/FWC snakes will be my go to larger species if I ever work my way up to them with Corns/milks/etc, Pituophis like bulls/pines/gophers (those are Pituophis right) and hoggies would be my choice smaller species.


Pituophis are awesome, speaking of which, I had some great news today.