Permectrin 2 for snake mites

Hey there I just wanted to know if anyone is using this to treat snake mites I have heard that it is effective for treating the enclosure and surrounding areas. And what is the amount of solution that would be safe for reptiles. Like how much is used for a gallon of water to be the proper mixture. Anyone have any experience with it? It has permethrin as it’s active ingredient the same stuff as prevent a mite but it’s at a fraction of the cost. Thanks

I would not use permethrin on snakes. It’s a fairly serious pesticide. Frontline spray for dogs and cats is usually available at petsmart or petco and is always in stock on chewy or amazon.

Does that mean you wouldn’t be using prevent a mite either? Because they have the same main active ingredient.

Yep. That is correct.

Edit to add: it’s also worth pointing out that provent-a-mite has a concentration of 0.5% permethrin, while the product above is 10%.

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Well that’s a big difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What I did the second time I had mites, was I was caught completely off guard so I didn’t have any mite spray on hand.
I cleaned every single object including the enclosures, outside in different areas. I also then throughly scrubbed down every snake in Dawn and water also making sure to use a Q tip to clean every mite and eggs out of the eyes.

Then I cleaned the carpets, and every non reptile related item in the room.

I only had to do that once, and checking multiple times a day for 3 weeks, I never seen another mite.

After the cleaning I used paper towels as bedding too so I could see if any were still crawling around.


Make sure you do this THOROUGHLY. It took almost 48 hours. I didn’t even stop to eat something. I ate while I worked. Cause mites move quick.

Also that is allot of stress on the snakes. If you just had one shipped to you with mites, and it’s looking very uncomfortable, expect to have a very stressed and potentially dead snake.
I didn’t have a fatality, but I was fully expecting it. And was pleasantly surprised when it lived and actually ate the next day.

Out of the collection, I only had mites on 2 snakes. But I cleaned EVERYTHING to prevent cross contamination, I soaked AND cleaned under EVERY scale of each individual snake.

Paranoia is the best policy when it comes to mites.

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