Permits Regarding Selling/Shipping Isopods/Roaches/Plants? APHIS?

Hey! I have sold isopods and roaches for a while now through my local classifieds website (KSL Classifieds), and just done simple local pickup. Recently this last year, I have been very interested in expanding to shipping across the contiguous 48 States via the MorphMarket Classifieds. How do I go about this? Any prerequisites? How to apply for permits?

I do not have my business license yet, as I do not make enough from this in a year to need one. Is this a prerequisite to selling here?

As I am gradually expanding my isopod collection to some very rare/expensive species such as Cubaris, Merulanella, and Giant Porcellio, it is becoming more imperative to reach other customers not just from my area.

Lots of species of isopods require permits. Most people don’t have them since they’re not enforced but here is a list:

I would actually recommend searching the species on arachnoboards and if you don’t find anything make a post with them all. Many roach species require permits to ship across state lines and a few species are illegal in some states.

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Ok, do B. dubia roaches need a permit? I know lots of people keep them and I know they are illegal in Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii. Any others?

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I don’t know of any others but other species do like hissing cockroaches.