Peruvian Rainbow Boa

This little guy is growing so fast!


Love Rainbow Boas…On my long list of future purchases. The Peruvians are supposed to be redder than the Brazilians correct?


This one is so chilled it’s unreal. Yes they’re more orangy/red with bolder blacks and generally larger than the BRB, this one’s mother is around 8 feet long.


What humidity you keep him in? 80’s? Its said they need really high humidity. I always hear that these perish quickly if they are not kept in near perfect conditions when it comes to husbandry…They don’t forgive mistakes. In your opinion is that true?


This is the first rainbow boa I’ve owned and he is kept in a plastic vivarium as this helps keep the humidity up, yes for the first few months I kept the humidity between 80 snd 90, large water bowl and a daily spray down, but as he’s getting older, I keep humidity between 60 snd 80, and spray a couple of times a week, and I’ve not had any problems with him at all, but as youngsters yes high humidity is what they need .


Awesome…I’m looking forward to getting ahold of one in the future. Is yours active during the day? Do they make goid display animals?


No you don’t really see him during the day, he’s either under one of his hides or he’s buried in the substrate, but at night he’s pretty busy. Not a great display animal due to the fact he’s hidden away during the day, but I can pull him out any time and handling, he’s so chilled he’s just amazing.


Just came across this post. I absolutely love Peruvians. They not only have darker coloration, but their black lines are thinker and more pronounced, and they have a higher contrast, and a high white belly. This is my 12 year old girl. By far the hardest snake I have ever learned how to care for. Always keep an eye on your humidity. These guys will get respiratory infections at the drop of a hat. I keep a small plastic tub with a hole cut in the top filled with damp sphagnum moss.


I have had a Colombian few a fews years…& just resently got a baby Brazilian…& way more fickle with humidity… my baby shed in one piece …all but a retained eye cap… & it’s happened now twice over the winter when I was having trouble keeping my humidity up. She is fine now. But yes…humid!! & actually not super hot temps…seems to be the formula.

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