Pests in enclosure

Happened to look in my boys enclosure and saw these things. I have no idea what they are. There were tiny ones one the piece of driftwood I kept in there (which I immediately tossed) and then I saw these walking on his water dish. They weren’t walking on the snake, or the fake leaves in the enclosure. They don’t look like any kind of mite or fruit fly larvae or anything. Small ones were white/clear. Larger ones are dark brown/black. Sry I couldn’t get a better pic, they are so tiny, adults were like a few millimeters. I’m already in the process of cleaning and disinfecting his tank. He is also on a food strike and loves to play in his water dish, not soak, just slither through it constantly so there’s constantly wet substrate.

Those look like slugs. I’m currently dealing with an infestation in my dart frog enclosure. You can either redo the entire enclosure and risk them staying anyways or remove them little by little but never wipe out the entire population (what I’m doing in my dart frog enclosure). If you redo the enclosure everything needs sanitized or bleached. You could also try a bug bomb which (after removing the snake of course) is sealing all ventilation and filling the tank with CO2 (from a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar) for days. To take them out little by little you can put lettuce in and remove and replace it (I usually catch 1-2 per day with this) daily and/or put a small dish of beer in there where the slugs will be attracted to and drown.

But it has legs…are there slug species with legs? Not trying to be a smart ass, just genuinely curious

That’s not a slug.
Wings? Have you got a bio viv or any real plants?

No wings that I could tell. Not bioactive and no real plants.

I didn’t notice legs, never mind, it’s not a slug.


How did it move? Was it quick, twitchy and jumped, or did it crawl?

Crawled, was quick, couldn’t swim

Like they drowned in the water, or?

Grabbed it with tongs, placed it in the water and it curled up onto its side into a C shape. Didn’t kill it tho, just floated around. Took it out, legs moved so I squished it.

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Any chance they are a dark species of springtail? It’s definitely possible, if you’ve brought anything in from outside that wasn’t heat treated, or used anything from outside, like the driftwood, maybe.


I’ve had the driftwood for a couple years, haven’t had a problem with it :woman_shrugging: I did get a new bag of aspen that whatever it is could’ve come in with.


It’s difficult to tell based on the picture, for certain, but based on the shape of the body, the size, and how they floated in the water, I’d say it’s possibly a wild species of springtail. Without seeing more it’s hard to tell, though.

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And on a side note, how did you end up with slugs? I have multiple vivariums and live in a state that’s teeming with them, and I’ve never seen any in a vivarium before.

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Unfortunately slugs can’t be a pain!
We’ve had them before. If you get a new plant and don’t clean properly or co2 etc then you may have eggs on it and not even realise.
And unless you want to strip down your viv and start again, good luck getting rid! :sob:

Also I thought springtails, but if can pick up with a tong then I’d say it’s not them…


It was from the plant seller. I didn’t think I needed to clean the plants since they were the only ones I was going to put in there. I ended up with unwanted isopods, spiders (which I don’t see any more), millipedes (which the population has exploded), slugs, and snails.

They could be larger springtails, for example Woolly Mammoth springtails (or a similar species).


Rove Beetle? My guess from the shape and color but I could be totally wrong. :slight_smile:
Not so sure if the size fits that though…

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these look very fitting, however i havent seen anymore in the enclosure so :woman_shrugging:

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