Pet BP Showcase!

Damn, sorry about that. But there are some cool space names you can use.

Or there is always the pet favourite: NGC 1300 :joy:.

My one and only Ball python. I’m actually not the biggest fan of ball pythons in large numbers, but I do appreciate them and this little fella (haven’t actually sexed it) was part of a group of animals who needed homes so I took him in. He/she was named Jorge by one of the little kids at a presentation.


Akira is a fantastic name imo! He’s lovely

Akira does mean bright so it works lol. Look up the Akira galaxy and you will see where I got the name.

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I was thinking of the movie actually! But it totally makes sense, it’s a cool galaxy and a great movie to boot

Even though I want to try breeding them in the future they are primarily pets.

Queenie, our first ball python my son got for his birthday. With her the love for snakes started

Then I wanted my own snake :grinning: this is Onini.

Xeno, the addiction now really started:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And then we got Eddie



Sophie, when I just bought her.

And our latest addition Huamea. Unfortunately she is now shedding and looks really pale. When she is not she is soft yellow

I know it’s bp showcase but our boa Daisy is really a ball python in a boa body. So I can’t leave her out. She is a sweetheart

The scratch on the nose is now gone, she got it when she grabbed a rat. It was a learning moment that boa’s love their food more than I expected :sweat_smile:

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