Pet ideas for a kid

So my 7 year old keeps asking for a pet and I am considering it, however I was wondering what sort of pet he should get. I am allergic to fur and currently have several crested geckos and royal pythons, he claims to have one of my Cresties (he doesn’t but I go along with it). I would like a pet that he could hold, watch and feed, while supervised of course but I also have a 3 year old so would be nice if he didn’t need constant supervision incase my 3 year old is causing mischief like usual. But would also be okay if didn’t have regular handling from him.

This Reptile would live in his room (locked), but ultimately whatever he gets I will be looking after…I just want him to learn a little responsibility and to learn about animals as we love them so much. He is very gentle with our current reptiles & listens well (at least when it comes to the reptiles).

I was thinking a crested gecko but I’d like some other suggestions so I can give him a bit of a choice.

Any suggestions would be grateful.


Do you have any preferences between a gecko, small lizard, large lizard, small snake, large (<5ft) snake? That should help narrow down the best idea. Don’t expect to have unsupervised handling since that’s necessary for a child that age.


I’m not fussed on which, I’ve just measured the area it would go and would need to fit within 80w, 54d & h ideally no higher than 100cm

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AFT or leopard geckos are pretty good starter species. Gargoyle geckos are pretty much like cresties in care and maintenance.

A corn or some kind of king or rat snake might be good but I would get an animal that is a year or two old as they are more established and less squirmy.


I’m going to research them all to make sure we can meet their needs before presenting my son with the choices


When my daughter was five, she said she wanted to get a lizard. After much research (by her), she settled on a bearded dragon. She’s got the critter for her sixth birthday. Seven years later, he is still going strong. And, I must say he was a brilliant choice! Incredibly docile from day one. Fun to handle. Fun to watch. Probably a little more robust as a youngster than most snakes would be. With close supervision, even the three year old could handle one. Probably.