Pet Insurance

This was being discussed on one of my local Facebook groups. I’ve looked into this but I haven’t found anything that would aleviate any kind of cost. I think Assure offers insurance through one of the big box but the costs versus the savings didn’t pan out even if you had to use it constantly. I would honestly rather put a vet on retainer or get to know one on a more personal basis and work something out. That’s just wishful thinking though,.

Any plans or companies that are worth looking into?

There are companies offering it I am sure but here is the thing like any insurance, while it might be worth it with dogs and cats, snakes that would basically be a huge waste of money.

Let’s say insurance is $10 a month per snake (would be higher), I have around 65 adult breeders that’s $650 a month, that’s $7800 a year, I have been doing this for 14 years that would have been a total cost of $109200, now do you think it would have been worth it or my vets bills have even been close to that amount?

You are better setting up a savings account where you put say $10/$20 a month toward vet care and use it if you need it than throwing out the windows.

Over their lifetime you will have very few issues if any.

Now that being said for my dogs I should have got insurance, but it’s another subject.

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That’s basically what I saw with assure,. Insuring every pet individually. Kind of disappointing,.

Typically that is what you are looking for with Pet life insurance type thing, now you can have insurance to protect your animals from theft or total loss but that is different, you are looking at livestock type of insurance and it is very expensive so much so even large breeders don’t get it.

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