Pet store finds need identification

I often stop by the pet stores to pick up rats or mice to feed to my snakes. i don’t normally buy snakes from the pet store but when i was in a pet store her recently I came across a male ball python that really caught my eye. He was being sold as a normal but he looked quite different. I was wondering if anyone else might know of a morph or genes similar. I have since then purchased a few more from the same pet store because they also were being sold as normal. The pictures that follow are the animals I have purchased over the month or so . If anyone can help identify the genes being represented i would appreciate it. I have my suspicions but would like other more experienced opinions.

what i noticed in him, is he has more of a tiger stripping, a lack of alien heads , in fact the lighter coloring in some places connect completely and go from one side to the other, the darker banding has a really nice amount of blushing sometimes almost looking reddish in color. Here are pictures of the other 2 snakes that I purchased from the same store. Both are females and both were sold as normal. I am thinking Black pastel or something else at first i thought cinnamon. both females are a bit dull in color they are both getting ready to shed. Let me know what y’all think.


Looks like normal and black pastels


I second the black pastel identification. The banded male could be a normal or his appearance could be genetic, as there are many lines of banding that have proven genetic. You’d have to breed him to be sure.

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When i purchased him i thought that the pattern was different from the norm i am glad to know that my assessment of the 2 females was fairly accurate. I do intend on breeding the male to see if it might be genteic but was wondering if anyone else saw what i saw.

I am guessing enchi on that first one of its not a normal…and I wouldve bought that second one if itsba female also

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I did I bought both the black pastel females

side note i picked up this girl at a different pet store in another town . She was labeled as a Fancy ball python no one could tell me anything about her. The pet store employee told me they had to assist feed her because she wouldn’t eat on her own. So got her for a reduced price and put her in a dark tub in my rack and she has eaten for me every weekend twice the amount and larger prey than what they were feeding she takes small f/t mice like a champ. again no one could tell me what morph she was but I am leaning towards butter or lesser , more to the lesser side.

she is a mean little witch he never misses and opportunity to bite.

I’m almost 100% certain that’s a pastel lesser.