Pet Store Finds

I don’t think we have a thread like this so here’s a new one: What cute or interesting reptiles have you seen at pet stores?

This was from yesterday, I stopped by a local PetSmart to get some dubia roaches. Of course I had to look at the reptiles!

Cute little corn snake!
Almost makes me want to get into corn snakes, but of course I’d buy them from reputable breeders rather than from the pet store.


Years ago, I found this neat red factor snow at a chain pet store. The manager basically begged me to take him because they’d had him for a while and people weren’t buying him because he was feisty. She gave me a severe discount. I think I paid like $20 for him? (He really wasn’t even very bitey!)


I actually bought Jelly Bean (corn snake) from a Petsmart here in town on a whim and he is the sweetest little thing ever! He will take a ft fuzzy from my hand and eat it on my lap!


Beautiful babies!
Now I really want corn snakes… but I gotta save up money for more snake racks first :joy:

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