PETA Sues Zoo Med over their enclosures

It looks as if Peta is going after Zoo Med for misrepresenting their products about being adequate for the keeping of repilles. I see cause for concern if PETA should win this suit. Will it provide precedence to go after the Ball Python Industry? Tub size and type is a hotly discussed subject here among us enthusiasts. The standards today have been created by the industry and breeders, and have become largely acceptable because the leaders carry enormous clout. It could however be argued that none of the standard tub practices, actually fit the length of the snakes they are housing, as is PETA’s assertion in this suit. I believe there could be a hidden agenda here as it is not unlike PETA to lob a snowball in hopes of an avalanche. I think this is one that ARKS should pay close attention to and perhaps even consider involvement. I am not advocating for ZOO MED. Personally, I feel like there items are missing the mark on adequacy for the animals in which they are being peddled. But this could have larger and farther reaching implications. Anyone care to chime in?


I see this as a publicity stunt. If anything, it may even backfire and benefit ZooMed and other companies like that.


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I just want to preface this by saying that PETA is the same organization that sees dogs and cats equal to that of wolves and big cats. They have even gone as far to say that we shouldn’t keep dogs or cats and on top of that they put down just as many animals as some kill shelters and call them “mercy killings” yet its wrong for other people to do so. I am genuinely surprised that this organization has as much notoriety as it does. I know I may get some flak for this but I see PETA the same way I see Carol Baskin. Both may look good hearted but they have some qualities beneath the public figure that we don’t see. But like what Travis said I don’t think they really intend on winning, just a publicity stunt.


PETAs main argument is that Zoo Med is saying that snakes only need a tank half the length of their body length which PETA says that snakes need at least a tank as long as their body. According to PETAs article “It is not uncommon to see a snake [who] has not eaten in months, has mites, is emaciated, is septic [from a bacterial infection], has pneumonia and is immunocompromised by a viral infection.” Are these really symptoms from a tank that’s too small or is this just over exaggerated?

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These are the symptoms of poor husbandry. A small tank, in the hands of a bad keeper, can contribute to the manifestation of these. However, you can put a 60cm snake in a 180cm by 120cm footprint cage with poor ventilation, too much moisture, too little heat, never clean the waste out, never quarantine new arrivals, and never take it to a vet and you can (read: will) end up with those exact same symptoms.

A bad keeper is a bad keeper. Cage size does not matter. And ZooMed is not responsible for who is and who is not a bad keeper


PETA aka the orange milk merchants?

You mean the people who have decided that cows milk should be dyed Orange because white milk is racist?!

They should be laughed out of court.

If you don’t look after your animals whatever they are you will soon be without them. Despite my health my animals come first, most are handfed and handled and cared for to the best of my ability…

But these PETA - they are literally criminally insane. Stealing pigs from breeding farms and feeding the animal on jam sandwiches? And then getting done for animal cruelty…