Pewter Gravel variances can be huge!

Pewter Gravels x 3. Each one is different! Whatcha think?


Such a difference in those 3! The middle looks like a different morphs altogether, then the first one is so more extreme then the last! My favorite is the first one, love the crazy dorsal stripe and the destroyed section of pattern! Looks wicked!


So tuff to pick a fav. Def keeping a feme for stock.

The first one is unique
The second has wonderful contrast
Thse would be the ones I would keep. I don’t think I could pick one between them. Unless I didn’t have any plans for them. Still would be hard to let go.


What were the parents genes? I have seen similar results with pewter yb.


I’m stressed out trying to pick a keeper! :joy:

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Hey now. How are you?!

I don’t mutt these lines. These are pure WFM GRAVEL lines kept pure by two guys.

Parents are a real CinnaGravel to a 15yr old Pastel Jungle.

They made a couple killer animals.

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