Phantom eye or not?

Hello! When taking pictures of my animals i noticed that one of them seemed to have darker eyes than the rest of them. When looking this up i came across a gene called phantom eye. Can anyone tell me if my gecko might have this gene?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @reptisphere! Welcome to the forum family! I have a Crested and a Leo but no gargoyle! But you surely have a cutie there! There will be someone to come along with an answer for you!

Glad you found us! It’s a great place to be! :blush:


Thank you @caron . Great to be here! I also own a couple of cresties and leopards. Love all my gecko’s. But i just love gargoyles, currently own 9 of them.


Wow! That’s a lot! My little crested Mimosa is super friendly but my leo Pineapple not so much! Lol! :joy:

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