Phidippus Octopunctatus Question

I just got this beauty in the mail, pardon the dirt they are covered in-I took the pic right when I got them out of the box and I’ve been trying to just leave them alone to not stress them out too much after being shipped. But I’ve been a little worried about this Phidippus Octopunctatus aka Eight Spotted Jumping Spider since they haven’t been moving all too much once I put them in their enclosure. My Bold Jumping Spiders are usually all over the place and very active. Has anyone else who is knowledgable or has kept this species had the same experience?


I have not kept these, but it might help others to give context re: how long was the animal in transit, what temps did it travel through, and how was it packed (was heat pack included)?

All good things to think about, it along with the two wolf spiders that I bought only travelled one day from Florida to where I live in California. There was no heating element in the box and I cannot speak to the temps in transit-although that was my first guess as to why it wasn’t moving so much when I opened the box. The packaging was pretty secure, a box lined with styrofoam and plastic cups with paper towels & substrate. What’s funny is that the wolf spiders are doing pretty well for me and very active.

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Are they a tropical species? If it’s an adult and Wild Caught, then it may just be approaching the end if it’s lifespan. (Hopefully not, of course :crossed_fingers:!)

that is natural Octo behavior.

Phidippus octopunctatus are cryptic and dont like moving, the females dont mimic velvet ants so they have to stay still so birds or lizards dont grab em.

They also loathe high humidity, this is desert and chaparral species.