Photographer from Northern VA

Hello All,
I am a photographer from the North East and I specialize in unique and exotic pets, dogs and cats are always welcome. I am currently just building out a profile and working with some breeders and shops for no cost. I love to make art with the subjects I work with and hoping to maybe one day spin it into a business but for now its just something I love to do. I joined morphmarket to gain knowledge and make connections. If anyone happens to be interested in my work I post some on my IG. Even better if you are from the NE, DC to NYC, and have a unique pet that you would want photographed let me know. Furry or not I welcome all, and again I am not soliciting I just love to take photos. Even more if anyone has any questions about how I capture some of my photos let me know, always happy to share the knowledge.

Thank you,

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Here are some sample images if anyone is interested


Welcome to the community! Your pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing. What kind of equipment do you use to take pictures? Do you have any pets?

Thank you. Currently only a cat but looking to build a bio active vivarium this year. I used a Nikon D810 with a pair of flashes and softboxes but the equipment varies based on the subject and situation. I shoot a lot of macro so that is different than as a larger snake.


Holy cow those are gorgeous!! Welcome to the community!! Any idea of what you want to get for your viv?
I’m up in Annapolis, is your insta the same as your username? I’m always looking for new folks to follow : )

Where in NoVA are you? I am up near the WV border and my wife is a wedding photographers so she might be game to for a little “shop talk”

Since this is your introduction thread, you are allowed to post your IG username here so that people can check it out if they wish. :+1:t4:


Thank you. Im in Alexandira and my IG is the same name. Easier to hit me up for questions there, love to talk photos.

As far as the viv I have no idea yet. I wanted to go big thinking I may be able to get a few types of critters but after doing research not a good idea I guess so may try 3 small ones. Since I would like live plants and for it to be bi active i know I would have a while for it to be ready but probable small frogs or geckos since I love macro photography like this for example


IG username is thetibormolnar

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Beautiful photo work! Welcome to the community!

thank you!

Welcome to the community :tada::tada::tada::tada:

We love photography of snakes and lizards on here. It frames them in a different light in the world usually wants to see them. Your shots are incredible. I hope that you continue to grow here and continue to add more photos of the reptiles that we all love :heart:

Ive got a lot and my catalogue is growing. If there is a better place to put them let me know. What you said is one of my main objectives in the work I do.

![_DSC2724 105 mm 1-200 sec at f - 13 ISO 100|690x431]



Welcome to the community! I wish I was closer to you to get some photos done, you do very nice work! I’m horrible with photography and I’m always impressed when I see skills like yours displayed in our hobby.


Welcome aboard…We have a member that goes by Welshmorphology that also takes amazing photographs…You guys can probably talk photography together.


Thank you. Let me know if there are any questions I can help with. Where are you from?

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thanks so much Ill make sure to look him up

I for sure will!
I’m located in MN. So a good drive away from you lol.